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1977 to 2021 ...and getting better every year

1977 -- 2021 and still going strong

Roughneck has been a leader in Oil & Gas Accounting Software solutions for over 40 years.   Roughneck offers a comprehensive range of software products and is dedicated to responsive, caring and high quality customer care.

Roughneck will work for any company large or small.   We have software packages designed for the company that is just starting up and needs a basic software at a low price, to the company that needs our Complete Roughneck package.  

The great thing about Roughneck is you can build and add on to your software as your company grows.   We are always working and designing new products to fit our customer's needs.   We believe that providing responsive support and excellent products is the best way to serve all of our clients.  

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Announcing Derek

Derek is the most up-to-date, user friendly, time saving software available from Roughneck today.   Derek is a "No Close" program, which means you will never have to close a Month, Quarter or Year.   Derek's goal has been to make your bookkeeping duties easier and more efficient.   Derek was designed with these 3 ideas in mind.

  • Simple
  • Less Work
  • More Efficient

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What we are working on...

Roughneck Systems is constantly working on exciting new products and enhancements to help keep you flexible and efficient.

We welcome your ideas. Clients are encouraged to submit Roughneck suggestions that will make their life better and easier. We definitely use these!!

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