Used by Oil and Gas Operators in over 43 States and 3 Countries

1977 to 2021 ...and getting better every year

Why Roughneck Software?
Buying a $1 tube of toothpaste doesn't require much risk.   But buying petroleum software that will be at the heart of your business is a major risk.   Potential customers are filled with worries.   If the system breaks down, will the customers business grind to a halt?   Will the software vendor provide prompt and high quality service and support?   Will the software be obsolete in a year?   Will the software vendor introduce new, up-to-date versions?   As the customers business grows, is he offered a smooth upgrade path?   These are all legitimate concerns.

There's an old Texas saying about a cowboy who was "all hat and no cattle".   That is, he was all show and no substance.   A software company can't build an image that way.   They have to have the cattle.

Roughneck has a Proven Track Record
Roughneck has a proven record.   Roughneck has the references and customers and you can get a reference list of customers in your area.   Roughneck Systems has the cattle.   They have been keeping Oil & Gas companies organized and running smoothly since 1977 in over 42 states and 3 countries.   They don't rely on advertising or promotion.   They rely on quality software at affordable prices, and factors such as service, reliability and reputation.  

If you are considering software for your Oil and Gas business, and security, quality, service, price and ease of operations are important to you, give Roughneck a call.   They'll send you some information and list of a lot of Oil and Gas friends you can contact for a reference.   You'll see why Oil and Gas folks continue to select Roughneck for their Software.   Because they don't have to worry about it.