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Click on your type printer below and you will be taken to that manufacturers homepage. You can then select the correct printer driver for your printer and start to download your printer driver. If you should have any further questions regaurding your Printer you need to contact your dealer.

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Printer Tips from RSI
Some HP printers require a different printer driver than the original printer drivers, which printers are they?

Any of the HP DeskJet 600/800/1000 Series Printers that use will have to use the HP DeskJet 550C Uni-driver that ships with the Windows. You can download the printer driver from HP homepage if you do not have your Windows CD.

What printer driver should I use if I have a HP color printer?

If you have a HP DeskJet C Series Printer you need to use the HP DeskJet 550C Uni-driver. You can get the driver from your Windows CD or you can download them from their homepage.