Used by Oil and Gas Operators in over 43 States and 3 Countries

1977 to 2021 ...and getting better every year

Overview of Roughneck

Roughneck is a Fully Loaded Accounting System for Oil and Gas Operators.   It has lots of options and flexibility for Billing Investors and Disbursing Revenue.   It can handle up to 99 different companies (in one data directory) and each company can have up to 99,999 wells with different Owners for each well.

Roughneck has been around since 1977, and it gets better every year.

  • User Friendly - with all the features of any modern Windows program.
  • The Help System contains Pictures and Examples.
  • Help contains a step by step Tutorial for training New Users.
  • The Help even has a section on Accounting for Dummies.
  • The Help has a section on Oil and Gas Business for Dummies.
  • Contains many System Self Checks for verification of data.
  • Has many Time Saving Tools to aid in quicker setup of your data.
  • Produces Financial reporting for your Company - P&L's, Balance Sheet, all other info your accountant needs for taxes at year end.
  • Produces Financial reporting for each Well - Cost Reports, P&L for Working Interest & Company Interest, Well Analysis
  • Complete Billing and Revenue Disbursement system to Investors.
  • Can combine Billing of Expenses and Revenue Disbursement into one Operating Statement.
  • Has many options for handling NetOuts, Minimum Check Amounts, PrePayments and Suspense.
  • Email Operating Statements option - saves time and postage.
  • Has many Setup Features to help you configure Printing of Operating Statements, Reports and Checks.
  • Has a Preview Feature that lets you View a report on Screen instead of Printing to Paper.
  • Let's you Save Reports to a file, so you can print or view later.
  • Allows for Easy Editing and/or Deleting of Transactions.
  • Complete internal Backup and Restore routines - for making quick temporary backups.
  • Complete General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll systems.
  • "Wish List" - Users actually contribute and provide input to yearly enhancements.
  • Quick Checks - let's you write a check on the fly.
  • ...and much more

    The Normal Roughneck Accounting Cycle
  • Enter Expenses
  • Enter Payments Received from Investors
  • Enter a Run Check
  • Print Operating Statement (Billing and Disburse Revenue)
  • Print Revenue Checks
  • Update for Statements and Checks