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A little info about "Derek"  FAQ

Derek's goal has been to make your bookkeeping duties easier and more efficient.   Derek was designed with these 3 ideas in mind.   Simple, Less Work and More Efficient.  

  • Simple - You will never have to close another month, quarter or Year again.

  • Less Work - If a transaction needs to be added to an invoice that has already been posted, you can just add it.   You don't have to delete the invoice and start over.   Same if you make a mistake while doing a continued posting.

  • More Efficient - Detailed reports from past quarters and years can be generated at any time, new layouts of screens make printing of some reports not necessary and also allow you to sort the data you are looking at based on the column header.

Derek will not install over your current programs.   By default the programs will install to a new directory called "DerekDemo".   Sample data is also provided with this installation.

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