Used by Oil and Gas Operators in over 43 States and 3 Countries

1977 to 2021 ...and getting better every year

Oil and gas accounting is not the easiest thing in the world, and requires a lot of things not found in normal business accounting programs. For example, some of those files are going to get awfully large when you average over 30 investors for one well. Another thing, there are probably about a billion ways needed to disburse revenue and bill investors.
Some of the key features of Roughneck Oil and Gas Software.

Virtually Unlimited Capacity

  • Up to 1 Billion Transactions
  • Up to 99,999 Wells
  • Up to 99,999 Investors
  • Up to 99 Companies
  • Basically only limited by the size of your computer - Not the software

Joint Interest Billing System

  • Let's you change format of JIB's
  • Preliminary JIB Report
  • Can Combine Revenue and Expenses on One Statement
  • Net Out Expenses from Revenue
  • Net Out by Owner or by Well
  • Print for just One Well or All Wells
  • Print options for many, many varied situations
  • Flexible Expense categories, you can change
  • Handles Pre-Payments
  • Handles before Casing, after Casing, Workover, Payout, etc...
  • Investors can have up to 8 different percentages for Billing or Revenue
  • Carries decimal interest out to 10 decimals
  • Handles Deleted Interest
  • and more...

Revenue Distribution System

  • Handles Suspense Accounting
  • Prints Revenue Checks
  • Net Out Expenses from Revenue
  • Net Out by Owner or by Well
  • Print for just One Well or All Wells
  • Print options for many, many varied situations
  • Flexible Revenue categories, (you can change)
  • You can set Minimum Check Amounts
  • Automatically Updates 1099 information
  • Prints 1099's
  • and more...

Accounts Payable System

  • Prints A/P checks
  • Prints many varied Vendor reports
  • Selectivity options for choosing which invoices to pay
  • Prints 1099's for Vendors
  • and more...

Accounts Receivable System

  • Tracks all amounts due from Investors
  • Prints many varied reports
  • Prints monthly statements
  • Varied selectivity options for posting payments
  • and more...

General Ledger System

  • Prints Profit and Loss Statements
  • P&L's by Well or by Company
  • Prints Balance Sheet
  • Complete Year to Date Audit Trail for your accountant
  • Flexible General Ledger categories
  • and more...

Well Profit and Loss Statements

  • Shows Gross, Net, Company Interest and Net Revenue Interest
  • Can print for a Prospect, Lease or a single Well
  • and more...

Well Cost Accounting System

  • Tracks cost on a Well by Well basis
  • Monthly, Yearly and Life to Date costs
  • Budget vs. Actual
  • and more...

Payroll System

  • Calculates tax deductions
  • Calculates Pay amount
  • Prints Payroll checks
  • Prints W-2 forms
  • Prints Government Quarterly and Year-End Reports
  • and more...

Yearly Enhancements

  • I.R.S. changes, Government changes, Tax Form changes, Tax Table changes
  • Most requested items from the Wish Lists
  • Some new stuff we think you will like
  • Any corrections to the software
  • and more...

New Programs at Discounts

New programs are always offered to existing clients at discounted prices. Examples of the past are:
  • Special Backup Program
  • Production History
  • Internet Ready Module
  • Store and Print Operating Statements
  • Other Special Utility Programs
  • and more...