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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data going to be able to convert to Derek?

Yes, your data will convert easily to Derek. Roughneck will make a complete backup of your data and move your data over to a New data directory.

Do I need to pay for my Service Pack this year since I am purchasing Derek?

Yes! We still release updates, changes and corrections for the Derek program. Without the Service Pack you will not get any of those important updates.

Will I loose any of my data that is in my YTD Transaction file now once I install Derek?

No, once you install Derek and convert your data your YTD Transaction file will be combined with your current Transaction file.

How will Derek know to pick up values from a prior year?

Once you convert your data, Derek will then start to store your data. If you have past years in your Transaction file or YTD Transaction file now that information will convert to Derek and put all in your Transaction file. All you will have to do is enter in a beginning and ending date you want a report to print. So, you want to get Derek now before you close 2007 or you will loose the ability to print past reports for 2007 next year.

I have ordered in the past some additional (Store & Print, Flash backup & Division Order) will those programs work and transfer over to Derek?

Yes, absolutely any additional programs you have purchased from Roughneck will be compatible within Derek.

I have the Store & Print Operating Statements, will my past statements transfer to Derek?

Yes, any previous Operating Statements you have saved using the Store & Print Operating statements will transfer over to Derek.

I have downloaded the demo version of Derek and now I have some questions what should I do?

You can give us a call (972)552-5204 or you can e-mail us your questions at

I would like Derek to print a (For example) "ABC Report". Can Derek produce this report?

Now is the time to let us know what reports you would like to see. There are endless possibilities of what reports Derek will be able to calculate since we will now retain all past data. Please e-mail us at for any report you would like Derek to produce. We already have some finished but would love to give you more.